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Root Canal Therapy in Mission Viejo
Root canals are needed when the pulp in a tooth is infected or inflamed, which can happen because of extreme tooth decay, because of a crack in the tooth, or because of some sort of trauma to it. Symptoms of infection include sever throbbing pain in the tooth or more generalized pain around the head and neck. If the condition isn’t treated quickly, the infection can damage the jaw and spread to other teeth.

Root canals are outpatient procedures done in OC Smile Dental & Orthodontics’ offices under local anesthesia. We will gently remove the decayed pulp, disinfect the area, and fill the cavity with a specialized putty. Often, we will finish the procedure by putting a crown on the tooth to seal and protect it.

Microsurgery in Fullerton

OC Smile Dental & Orthodontics uses modern microsurgery equipment that allows us to see incredible detail and work with precision when performing root canals, dental implants, and other procedures. In medicine, microsurgery is basically any sort of surgery that requires a microscope, and today’s Dental Operating Microscopes are a large advancement over precious technologies. Using fiber optic lighting, we can magnify surgical areas up to 20 times normal views. More traditional magnification instruments can only magnify up to 6 times normal vision, and Dental Operating Microscopes are more versatile and easier for us to use.

For our patients, this technology means we can be more precise and sparing with our incisions. That means less pain, swelling, and bleeding. Treatment is faster, outcomes are better, and recovery is quicker. At OC Smile, we embrace new technologies for the comfort of our patients.

The “Root” of the Problem

What could cause the pulp tissue to become diseased and lead to root canal problems? One potential source of infection is untreated tooth decay, which can allow bacteria from the tooth’s surface to work its way deep inside. A crack or fracture in a tooth could offer another pathway for microorganisms to infect the pulp.

Dental trauma — from a sports injury, for example — may also damage dentin or pulp, or expose it to infection. Extensive dental procedures (such as multiple fillings or restorations on the same tooth) may cause trouble; occasionally, even routine procedures like orthodontics may eventually lead to root canal problems.

Endodontic Treatment in Mission Viejo & Fullerton, CA

The old gag line “I’d rather have a root canal” may still get a laugh — but root canal problems are no joke. It’s important to remember that root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain; it relieves pain. A typical root canal procedure is performed with local anesthetics, and doesn’t cause any more discomfort than having a filling. Here’s what to expect:

First, you will receive anesthesia (usually a numbing shot) — and for many patients, the worst is now over. Next, a small opening is made in the tooth surface to give access to the pulp chamber and root canals. Then, tiny instruments are used — often with the aid of a microscope — to remove dead and dying tissue from inside the narrow passages. These passages are then cleaned, disinfected, and filled with a safe, inert material. Finally, the opening in the tooth is sealed to prevent contamination.

Other endodontic treatments may be recommended for removing sources of infection and preventing future problems. Following an endodontic procedure, it may be necessary to have a restoration (such as a crown) placed on the tooth to restore it to full function and aesthetic appearance. After that, with proper care the restored tooth should last for many years.

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Chris C.
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Very pleasant experience today. My normal dentist is closed on Fridays. I had an emergency visit today for my son. Lindsey was very helpful and made the overall experience pleasant. So thankful OC smile is open on Fridays and Saturdays. I will be returning to OC smile. I highly recommend this dentist. I am now considering them for Orthodontics. CC
Seth L.
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This place is beyond professional, very caring and a very clean/nicely appointed offices. Took me right in since I was in excruciating pain and got me squared away very quickly. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed.
Oscar M.
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OC Smile went above and beyond with service, they made me feel very comfortable, I have never had such a great experience. I look forward to returning, my Dentist is Dr. Mike Hyneman he was great to talk to and he really knows what he is doing, I appreciate all the staff as well they made every go smooth and easy. My teeth were hurting and they got me in right away when another place said they had no immediate openings. Thank OC Smile for being so helpful with everything.

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